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Our orchards is a place where you can pick your own fresh fruit, have a family outing, picnic, play your games or just sit  around and enjoy the day with a cup of our homemade peach and blackberry ice cream, made with peaches and berries grown at the orchard. A day trip to the country, an escape from the big city is something thatís hard to beat. I did it and never went back!  No fruit is fresher or better tasting than what you pick right from the tree or vine. When u-pick your own, satisfaction is guaranteed. Self picking is the best way to get exactly what you want every time without a doubt; and get some exercise at the same time for free.

Member of the Texas Fruit Growers Association

         Open Daily 8:00am until 6:00pm

Fruit Should Be Available From About Mid May thru About Mid July

Call for Fruit Availability 979-826-6303


Notice! We will be closed on Monday's and Tuesday's this year


Current Picking Report

Always check this or call prior to your leaving to come and pick

Update June 21 am 2015. The orchard is closed to all picking. This years season has ended. Thanks to all the folks that came to pick. We look foward to seeing everyone again next season, hopefully we'll have a much better year with larger and higher quality fruit. The crop this year had some rough times with a late freeze that claimed about 40% of the crop and high winds that knocked off another 15 to 20%. The new trees also had a small amount of fruit this year which will be more next year.  And then it rained and rained and rained just about every day for a month and a half causing lots of fungal problems on the fruit. Always check this marquee before coming to the orchard to pick.

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