Picking Suggestions


Fruit available from about


Mid May until about Mid July



1. Pick early in the morning while the fruit is cool.  The peaches will transport better and last longer. You will also be a lot more comfortable, except your feet may get damp if there is heavy dew.

2. Do not put your fruit in the trunk.  It is like being in a slow oven.  This will cause you to have peach juice instead of peaches when you arrive home.

3.  We have sandy soil so it is best to wear closed toe shoes.  Everyone, especially children, should wear shoes because there are some grass burrs.

4. Be sure to use your sunscreen.  Hats are also suggested for your comfort especially later in the day.

5. While not normally needed, occasionally, mosquito repellant would be useful

6. Remember that if you are allergic to insect bites, be sure that you bring your medication.

What to Expect

1.  Clean well maintained, weed free environment for your picking ease and comfort.

2. Friendly service

3. Excellent size and fruit quality

4. Competitive pricing

5. Some of the best doggone peach and blackberry ice cream that has ever crossed your lips

6. Expect fruit to be within reach.  Ladders are not necessary and climbing on the trees is discouraged.  Even the children can reach some of the peaches easily.

7. Several Picnic tables

8. While handicapped individuals are welcome, our sandy soil creates major problems even for the electric scooters as they tend to get stuck

9. A limited number wagons are available to assist in transporting the fruit out of the orchard

10. Short walking distance to the orchard and berry patch