Type Subject Date Name                                 Comment
Praise Web Site 5/17/2005 Jesse Salazar Brenda the web site is wonderful. I'd like to see more pictures! I can't wait to visit your orchard with my family. Talk soon.
Problem Products 5/18/2005 Ray McKnight My Problem is that I don't have any yet.
Praise Web site 5/21/2005 R.L. Scott You Have came a long way since the first time I came out to your orchard. I like the web site, but my wife and I enjoy and look forward to the mail out each year. We'll see you in the near future for some pick'n and eaten.
Praise Web site 5/27/2005 Chester and Karen Arnold Your web site is a fine one, very informative. I like the ripening and picking schedule.
Suggestion Web Site 5/31/2005 Debbie Howard I just picked peaches in Fredericksburg and they were so good. I live in Jersey Village and was looking for peaches closer to home. Glad to find you on the internet and hope to get to your orchard soon.
Praise Web Site 6/8/2005 Tom and Jessica Turner The web site is short and to the point. Very well constructed.
Other Overall 6/16/2005 Jesse and Diana Deleon My family and I have been to your orchard several times and we look forward to it every year. We just went this past weekend and the peaches are fabulous….The blackberries have got to be the sweetest blackberries I have ever eaten. We might just go back again before season is over. Your blackberry ice cream is really great too! Your little helper ( your granddaughter) this weekend was really cute.
Praise Web Site 6/19/2005 Katelyn Very well done. It sounds like a "homey" kind of place. I look forward to coming out and seeing ya'll.
Praise Web Site 6/19/2005 Jill Fitch Easy to get around in your web site. Lots of good information. You guys did good!!!!
Praise Products 6/27/2005 LeRoy Vaske We might come out this Wednesday, the 29th of June What fruit will be best for picking.  We picked peaches and nectarines last year.  They were Yummy.  
Praise Web site 6/28/2005 Ed & Mary Van Grunsven We love your peaches.  We picked 25 pounds or so, they were soooo sweet!  We look forward to visiting again next year.


Type Subject Date Name                                 Comment
Comment Fruits  07/16/2006  Scott Wieding   We came out a few weeks ago and picked a box full of peaches. They were FABULOUS! We were thinking about coming out either Sat. or Sun .
(barring rain). how are the blackberries and freestones? Would a day like
a Friday be a better day, or do you have crowds picking throughout the
whole week? I thought maybe the selection might be more fruitful later
in the week.
Praise  Products  06/05/2006  Anna Bracero   We had a wonderful time at your orchards last weekend and plan to come again. Your customer service was excellent and we really enjoyed ourselves. And the ice cream is WONDERFUL!!!!!
Comment Products  06/19/2006  Karen Sue Davis   I wanted to let you know that I went to your orchard on Friday with my 3 kids. They had a blast and we picked the biggest, juiciest blackberries I have ever seen. We picked a small amount of peaches and my 12 year old has been eating 2 or 3 each day since. The kids had the soft-serve peach which they loved and I brought home a pint of blackberry ice cream for my husband.
Thanks a lot for posting the info on your orchard!
P.S. You husband was a real cutie and so friendly. Something
we don't get here in the big city.
Comment  Pricing  05/31/2006  Raquel H.   I read on your website (which is very informative) that you charge by the
 pound. But no where on the site that I could find was HOW MUCH you   charge per pound. I assume each fruit costs different from the next one, but a chart or list telling how much each fruit costs to pick would be very
helpful. My friends and I were planning on going fruit picking next week,
and your orchard seems ideal. I would really like to know of your prices
though before I decide on this particular orchard.

We are sorry but nearly all of the customer comments for the 2006 season were lost due to a man made computer glitch



Type Subject Date Name                                 Comment
comment thank you  05/19/2007  Sue Moore  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your orchard today! This is our second year to come visit and I am sure we will be back. (probably again this season.
comment credit cards  05/21/2007 D.J.C.  Thank you so much. We picked blackberries last year and they we so delicious. Do you take credit cards?

  ANSWER: Yes, American Express, Visa, Master Card and Debit Cards with those logos.

comment products  06/13/2007 Ann Watrous
Last Friday afternoon I took four of my grandchildren to your orchard. We all had a blast picking. (each of us had our own basket) peaches and blackberries. When we got home we all tasted our "crop". The children had to taste out of their own basket and said the fruit was delicious. They are already talking about doing it again next year and saving their baskets. Yummy!!!
 compliment orchard no date no name Experience at the orchard was very relaxing
 compliment website no date no name Good job and great design
 comment  products no date no name You have a really good site, really interesting. Thanks
comment website no date no name Fine and pretty site, very good owners
 comment website no date no name After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed "thank you for it. Was looking for information and found it on this great site.
 complaint website no date Mark After finding your site through "Pick Your Own"  I was looking forward to visiting your orchard this weekend. I made a mistake by not calling ahead as, after driving 50 miles from Houston with my wife, I discovered that you were closed.

ANSWER:  The website does mention several times that you should call ahead for a picking report. We are a small orchard and run out of ripe fruit from time to time and have to close to allow fruit to ripen. We do realize there is a potential problem that could be solved. To help keep that from happening again to someone else, we have modified the website on the front page to include an "Animated Marque" in a contrasting color to attract attention that will display a current picking report. 

suggestion advertisement no date no name You may want to send out cards that can be put in a Roladex. so people don't put your mailed card in "the pile" and lose it. Thanks for the card you did send, got on your website -more close up pictures of fruit please. Also email people when fruit comes in season.

ANSWER: The "Roladex" cards would be a problem for our self and  maybe the postal service. On our website you now have a choice of three methods for being contacted. On the front page just click on the button to be placed on one of our list, choose which one you prefer, click on it, and fill out the form then press summit.


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