Just a Little About the Orchard


Ed and Brenda McKnight own E&B Orchards which is located near Hempstead.  Hempstead is Northwest of Houston, Texas.  The orchard has approximately 1,000 fruit trees.


They got into the peach business almost by accident.  Living in Houston at the time, they drove to Hempstead to pick peaches at the orchard to make homemade ice-cream.  A few weeks later they returned and purchased the peach orchard and home which is located in the middle of the orchard.


Since purchasing the orchard, nectarines, white nectarines, white peaches, and thornless blackberries have been added to the existing peach orchard.  And yes, their peach and blackberry ice-creams has made a big hit.

Today, they worry about late spring cold spells that have curtailed Texas peaches production in past years.  Another concern is the lack of chilling hours.

Ed puts great effort into maintaining a beautiful orchard.  So much that E&B Orchards has been the setting for the Texas Country Reporter and a commercial for Randall's Grocery Stores.

Brenda still commutes daily to Houston, where she is Project Coordinator for a major energy company.  She has been collecting peach recipes for a number of years and has compiled a peach cook book called "Peaches and Cream".  She also spends much of her spare time in the kitchen. Her pantry stays full of home prepared canned goods, with a healthy percentage of peaches. For pricing and more information on the "Peaches and Cream" cookbook just visit the buy our cookbook section.


Ed and Brenda have two sons and four grandchildren.  When visiting the orchard, the grandchildren make a game of challenging one another to find the largest peach.  To date, the record peach weighs in at almost a pound.