Welcome to E and B Orchards


We welcome you to E&B Orchards where the entire family can come out and have a day of family enjoyment in the country.  In addition to having fruit for picking, we also offer homemade peach or blackberry ice cream or both in a twist and cold drinks.  E&B Orchards is a small, friendly, family owned orchard.

Several picnic tables are available, so bring your lunch and stay awhile.  There is some open space if you wish to bring an outdoor game for your enjoyment.

We do not charge an entrance or parking fee. You only pay for the fruit you pick.  We charge by the pound and do not have a minimum picking requirement. 

Payment by Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover also Debit Cards that display the MasterCard, Visa and Discover logo.  The debit cards that have the logos are processed the same as a credit card.

Whether you want to make jam or jelly, put them in the freezer, or just want fresh peaches or blackberries to eat out of hand; E&B Orchards is a great place to visit for a day in the country.


Peaches, nectarines, and thornless blackberries will be available for your picking enjoyment.  Weather and picking demand determine the availability of the fruit.  Before planning a visit, please phone 979.826.6303 to be sure that we have fruit for picking.


Our seasons run from about mid-May and continue through mid-July.  Depending on fruit availability the orchard will be open daily from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm.  A ripening schedule is available, however, please be aware that the dates are approximate and you should always call 979.826.6303 to verify crop availability. 

We have nine varieties of yellow flesh peaches in production.  They include freestone, semi-free as well as cling stone.  The size varies with variety.  There are three varieties of yellow flesh peaches which were planted in 2005 and will be available for picking for the first time in the 2007season.

We also have two varieties of white flesh peaches which should be available this year.  While different from the yellow flesh peach, they are very sweet and juicy.  Try them and we are sure that you will like them.

White flesh Nectarines are available in limited quantities.  If you are interested in nectarines, we suggest that you check frequently to make sure that you don't let them pass you by.  Additional white nectarines should be available in 2008.

Four varieties of thornless blackberries are available for your picking enjoyment. We have one thorny variety which we have been told is the very best and largest of all the blackberries available.  Even with it's thorns many people choose to pick this berry over it's thornless cousins.  All of our berries are trellised up to six feet high.  The area is well maintained so that you do not have to walk in weeds.

Containers for picking must be purchased unless you have a previously purchased container from our orchard. We sell peach boxes, flats, one and two gallon berry baskets that are used for picking. Prices may be found in the pricing section.


These days many people are interested in Organically grown produce.  While our fruit and berries are not organically grown, we do follow an "Integrated Pest Management" program developed by the U.S. Department Agriculture in conjunction with the Texas Cooperative Extension Service, Texas Department of Agriculture, University of Georgia and Ft. Valley University where by the minimum effective amounts of chemicals are suggested for control of the various pest. We Have received training, been tested and are Licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to apply these products. To keep this license active we must receive continuing education on the proper use, handling, application and the laws regulating these products. We must also keep records of all  their applications along with all the pertinent information. All of these products are very expensive so we also have a large incentive to be conservative in their use.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We look forward to visiting with you at the orchard.

Ya'll come out and see us.

Ed and Brenda McKnight