Group Visits / Buses

 Due to an increase in the volume of business on the weekends we find ourselves in the position of needing to limit the number of customers that we have at any one time.  Large bus groups (25+ persons) that come out on the weekends along with the normal weekend traffic puts a severe strain on our ability to give all customers good and rapid service. It also over taxes our limited restroom facilities and congests the parking area. To accomplish quality service at checkout and eliminate long lines that sometimes form at the portable toilets; we need to restrict large bus groups (25+ persons) to weekdays only.

For the 2009 season there are some previously scheduled bus groups for the weekends. The orchard will honor these previously made commitments, but, will no longer schedule weekend groups.


All bus groups must be scheduled in advance. Any unscheduled buses  will be assessed an entry fee of $300.00 per bus payable in advance of picking.*

Large groups should:

    1.    Call 979-826-6303 or check at the website on fruit availability just before you come out.

    2.    Schedule your visit at least 2 weeks in advance by calling 979-826-6303.

    3.    Have one person, as a group leader, be the contact person should any problems arise.

    4.    The group leader must insure that all of the group pick fruit only where they are instructed to pick.

           This is extremely important as some sections may have had a recent chemical treatment.

    5.    Be aware that we are a small orchard and have a limited amount of fruit at times, and none at times. To avoid

           a disappointment always follow number 1 above.

    6.    The group leader should do a head count so no one gets left at the orchard. And should insure that all of the

           groups items (fruit, coolers, hats etc.) are loaded for the trip home.

    7.    Groups with children must furnish adequate supervision and will be fully responsible for all of        

           their groups actions. i.e. (wasted or dumped fruit, damages to or vandalism of property.)




*  The unscheduled bus entry fee does not include charges for fruit or any other items.