The Varieties of Peaches




Rio Grande -              Yellow-flesh freestone; medium to large, 50 60% red blush over yellow, firm flesh, wonderful flavor.  This variety can produce  2/3 -   pound peaches and occasionally up to pound peaches.  


Texstar -                     Yellow-flesh semi-free to freestone.  The pit tends to be more free as it ripens, medium size, good quality moderately firm, flavorful, yellow with a little blush


La Peche -                 Yellow-flesh peach.  According to which publication you read, this peach is classified as either a free or semi-freestone fruit.  Medium large, good flavor with medium sweetness.


Early Amber -            Yellow-flesh semi-freestone; very good size, high quality, good color with 60 70% red blush. with good flavor


Red Barron -              Yellow-flesh freestone; large approximately 3" , excellent eye appeal, unsurpassed quality, round, with 95 to 100% red blush, great taste


TexPrince -                 Yellow flesh Freestone; large, delicious and attractive with lots of red blush


La Feliciana -             Yellow flesh Freestone; large, sweet, round, 75% red blush and moderately firm


Carored -                    Yellow  flesh; Semi-freestone, good size, good color and flavor